Canterbury Maps Training

Training is provided to members of the public or to specific organisations on request. These sessions help users to understand what Canterbury Maps is, how it could be useful to them and how to use the service.

Training guides and help videos are available on the website to help in between sessions.


Take a look at the introductory and advanced guides used in training sessions.

Introductory Training Guide

 Advanced Training Guide


Public Training:

Public training sessions are scheduled every 3 months. We now offer an introductory and advanced training to maximize the amount of information learnt at each session.

The introductory session will focus on: 

  • The homepage
  • Navigating the map viewer
  • Adding layers to the map
  • A basic look at the attribute table as well as filtering
  • Measuring
  • Coordinates
  • Basic drawing
  • Printing

And the advanced session will look further into:

  • Adding data from a file and via a URL
  • Elevation Profile
  • Swipe tool
  • Advanced attribute table filtering 
  • Advanced drawing tools
  • Select tool
  • Business Scenarios - stringing tools together 


Scheduled Sessions:

We currently do not have any training sessions scheduled. Please check back at a later date.


Business Focused Training:

Certain businesses use Canterbury Maps on a daily basis, so to use it effectively and efficiently, training sessions can be of great benefit. Other businesses may not know that Canterbury Maps could improve their work, so a session could help to uncover a whole range of possibilities. Read some of our user stories to understand how some businesses use the services available 

To request a training session for your business, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 6 people
  • A description of what your business focuses on so the training can be targeted to a specific area of work 
  • A suitable meeting room (with laptop connections/computer and a projector), in the case where a room is not available, the training can be hosted at Environment Canterbury 

To request a training session please email